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Luxurious treatments to hydrate, strengthen and repair the skin

Our Medi-Facials are carefully tailored to address your unique skin conditions, ensuring a personalized treatment that meets your specific needs. These treatments are designed to hydrate, strengthen, and repair your skin, leaving it revitalised and glowing.


Our Medi-Facials can serve as an introduction to professional skincare treatments or be used between more intensive treatments to help boost results. They are an excellent way to indulge in a pampering experience while improving the health and appearance of your skin.

We offer a range of treatment options to target concerns such as dehydration, inflammation, redness, breakouts and ageing.

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  • Improves hydration

  • Nourished skin barrier

  • Calms inflammation

  • Smoothes lines and wrinkles

  • Leaves the skin instantly radiant

  • No downtime required

Customised Medi Facial  | 45 mins | $150

Our Customised Medi Facial is a relaxing and hydrating facial that uses active, cosmeceutical skincare and includes a head massage. Suitable for men and women, it targets specific skin concerns with a customised infusion mask from the Aspect Dr skincare range. Ideal for sensitive skin, this facial is a great introduction to Aspect Dr's active skincare range. Ask your therapist about add-on treatments to enhance the benefits of this facial.

Oxygen Facial | 45 mins | $99

Our Oxygen Facial, also known as the 'cloud facial', delivers a boost of oxygen into the skin, leaving it instantly hydrated. It is ideal for treating skin impurities, lightening pigmentation, and preparing the skin for extractions, peels, or microdermabrasion treatments. The facial includes a double cleanse, exfoliating scrub, oxygen treatment, customised mask, pampering face and head massage, and finishing products for a truly indulgent experience.

Lux Signature Facial | 60 mins | $180

The Lux Signature Facial is a luxurious treatment that combines a deep cleanse, exfoliation, blackhead extractions, and our 'cloud' Oxygen Facial. A peptide sheet mask calms and soothes the skin, followed by a probiotic or hydrating mask tailored to your skin's needs. The facial also includes a pampering face and head massage, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Medi-Facial FAQs
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