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Skin Consultation

Let's work together to acheive your skin goals

A consultation is the best way to begin your skin journey.

During this appointment, we will discuss your skin concerns and goals and the areas you are concerned with or considering treating.


Our team will educate you on the treatment options available, what to expect, treatments times and a quote with our professional recommendation to achieve your desired outcome.

Our basic skin consultation is redeeemable on treatment or you can book a full consultation, analysis and treatment to begin your journey in one appointment.

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We will also use our powerful diagnostic tool, the OBSERV520. It uses specialised lighting to provide a deeper insight into skin concerns and level of damage at a cellular level.

In just a few seconds, the OBSERV520 will scan your skin and take a series of images that you’ll then see on an iPad. It will identify concerns including fine lines, wrinkles, texture and pores, inflammation and vascular damage, skin abnormalities, oil flow, congestion and pigmentation.


See your skin like you’ve never seen it before!

Skin Consultation FAQ
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