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Treating & Preventing Pigmentation

Pigmentation is one of the most common concerns we treat in-clinic. While it can be a complex condition, it can be managed with the right home care and treatments.

Today we will explain how you can prevent pigmentation from occurring with your homecare routine as well as how to treat it once it has formed.



Over 80% of photo ageing is caused by sun exposure. Therefore, adding an SPF to your morning routine is the best way to protect your skin against pigmentation, premature ageing and skin cancers.

We have a collection of UVA and UVB SPF 50+ products to elevate your daily routine. They are ultra-hydrating, lightweight and fast absorbing for all-year-round use. Plus they don’t leave a white cast and provide an excellent base for makeup.

A hydrating sunscreen that nourishes the skin with skincare ingredients

SPF50 with a universal colour-correcting tint to help even skin tone

A lightweight sunscreen with convenient packaging for your handbag, gym bag or travel

Vitamin C is another hero product for treating and preventing pigmentation. This incredible ingredient helps to protect the skin from environmental damage and free radicals. It can also neutralise the effects of UVA and UVB rays, which helps to prevent photo-damage such as pigmentation and fine lines. While it can't protect the skin from sun damage on its own, when paired with sunscreen, the benefits of each product are enhanced!

A powerful antioxidant and peptide serum, formulated with Vitamin C and a peptide complex to help firm the surface of the skin and promote elasticity for a firmer, brighter complexion.

If you are already dealing with pigmentation, brightening and exfoliating ingredients are a must. They help to neutralise dark spots, encourage cell turnover and remove dead skin cells to promote a brighter complexion. When used in conjunction, these two products are a pigment powerhouse!

Contains an advanced formula that combines five key actives, including Tranexamic Acid and Tyrostat-11™, unveiling a more even, radiant looking complexion.

A refining, anti-ageing vitamin A serum combining the power of Lactic Acid, Lanablue™ and Retinol to smooth skin texture and allow for the ultimate absorption of other ingredients.

If you’re dealing with pigmentation or uneven skin tone, ask our team about the best products for you!


While sun damage can largely be prevented with the right products and sun protection, some pigmentation is inevitable. It can be caused by hormones, medication and genetics. Once pigmentation has formed, it is best left to the professionals! We have a number of treatments available in the clinic to help fade dark spots and lift skin tone.

The best place to start is with a consultation. Using our Observ 520 Skin Imaging device, we are able to take a look at the deeper layers of your skin and reveal any underlying pigmentation that is yet to come to the surface. This allows us to understand exactly what we are dealing with and create the best treatment plan.

We then can begin treatments! Our favourite way to address pigment is a combination of brightening peels and skin needling.

Pigment Peel: specifically designed to address uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Formulated with Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C and Tyrostat 11™, Pigment Peel can target existing pigmentation concerns as well as inhibit melanin production to prevent it from developing again in the future.

Skin Needling: created controlled micro-injuries that stimulate your body’s natural wound-healing process. This breaks up the dark patches below the skin’s surface and allows the damaged cells to be carried away for a more even complexion.

If you are dealing with pigmentation or uneven skin tone, come and see our team to discuss your unique treatment plan! You can book a consultation online here or shop our range of products here.

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