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80/20: the balance between homecare & treatments

You’ve probably heard people talk about the 80/20 rule when it comes to nutrition and exercise: 80% of your results can be attributed to your food choices, while 20% is due to exercise. The same can be said for your skin!

You can think of us as a personal trainer for your skin. We check in with you every month to give you an intense workout and plan your regime until we see you again. We can also help you track your progress and make any adjustments needed to ensure you are targeting your concerns.

However, you still need to keep your skin ‘fitness’ up at home! This includes using your prescribed cosmeceutical regime and weekly treatments to ensure your skin stays strong and healthy.

Let’s take a look at why your home plan is so important…

Your Skincare Regime

While we recommend clients come into the clinic every 4-6 weeks for treatment, you should be using your skincare products every single day. Cosmeceuticals play a vital role in skin health, helping to strengthen and improve your skin between professional treatments. All it takes is 10 minutes a day: 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening.

Your products will also help to ensure your skin is functioning optimally on a day-to-day basis. The active ingredients found in cosmeceuticals encourage cell turnover, loosen dead skin cells and nourish your skin’s lipid barrier. They will also have specific ingredients to target your unique skin concerns - whether that be acne, pigmentation, ageing or general skin appearance.

Remember: consistency is key in achieving your skin goals!

Why Cosmeceuticals Matter

It’s important to note that not all skincare is created equal: products found on supermarket shelves will not offer the same benefits as those recommended by your skin therapist.

These cosmetic products do not contain the potent active ingredients or delivery system required to make changes to the skin and the way it functions. This means they often just act as a bandaid solution, leaving the skin looking bright and hydrated on the surface but not actually alleviating your concerns.

In contrast, cosmeceuticals contain potent active ingredients with scientifically proven delivery systems that evoke change at a cellular level. Sitting between cosmetic and pharmaceutical levels, they will lead to lasting improvements in the health, functioning and appearance of your skin. We always recommend clients invest in a few quality products prescribed by a skin therapist over a lengthy regime using self-prescribed cosmetic products.

You can read more about the difference between cosmetic and cosmeceutical in our recent blog.

Getting Started

Did you know that often clients are required to prep their skin before commencing advanced treatments? This often includes introducing specific active ingredients into your home regime before completing a series of mild treatments.

​This ensures we are able to build up the tolerance of your skin, allowing us to achieve incredible results without compromising your barrier or causing irritation. Jumping into treatments immediately would be like going to the gym for the first time and trying to lift 100kg weights: it risks damage and will likely do more harm than good!⁠

So if you’re wanting to improve the health and appearance of your skin post-lockdown, now is a great time to get in touch with our team to begin your regime! We are highly trained in analyzing the skin, determining underlying concerns and prescribing skincare that will make long-term improvements for your skin.

You can get in touch here or browse our range of cosmeceutical starter kits!

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