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Your guide to anti-ageing in your 20s, 30s, 40, 50s + 60s

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

We all know ageing is a part of life. While we are unable to stop it completely, we are able to support skin health and utilise treatments to ensure you look your best for longer.

At Lux Aesthetics, we utilise a holistic combination of skin treatments, cosmeceutical skincare and cosmetic injectables to ensure healthy skin functioning and skin you feel good in. Today we will explain our recommendations for every age!

Early-mid 20s

Your early 20s are the perfect time to start taking a little extra care of your skin and create good habits for the future! At this age, you will still have plenty of collagen and elastin, which gives the skin a plump look and feel. By introducing quality products into your regime, you can optimise functioning and help to prevent premature ageing.

We usually recommend active ingredients that will help to hydrate and protect the skin, such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamin B, C and E. Anything that is rich in antioxidants is also beneficial as they can help to reduce free radical damage caused by many external factors, including sun exposure, pollution, and chemicals.

However, our main tip for your 20s is to create the habit of daily SPF application. Approximately 80% of photo ageing is caused by UV exposure, as well as various types of skin cancers. Applying a broad-spectrum SPF50+ each and every day will help reduce fine lines, pigmentation and loss of volume from occurring. We promise future you will be thankful when your collagen and elastin fibres start to deteriorate!

Now is also a great time to begin experimenting with some professional skin treatments.

Depending on your skin type and concerns, this could include options such as microdermabrasion, gentle peels or medi-facials, which are effective options for treating congestion, breakouts, dehydration, sensitivity or uneven skin tone and texture.

Mid-late 20s

Your mid-late 20s is the time when you are most likely to notice the first changes in the structure and appearance of your skin. Ageing causes a loss of elasticity in the skin as collagen and elastin fibres break down. Once these fibres have been damaged, it is harder to rebuild them. Daily use of active ingredients can help preserve and protect skin cells, slowing the effects of ageing.

This also means that your mid-late 20s is a great time to add some stronger ingredients into your skincare regime, such as vitamin A and acids that can help refine the skin. Vitamin A is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to treating a wide range of concerns. It promotes cell turnover and resurfaces skin to target fine lines and wrinkles. It can also be used to treat acne, congestion, pigmentation and scarring. When applied at night, it will visibly improve your overall skin health.

If you haven’t already begun incorporating professional treatments into your regime, we highly recommend you start doing so now. If you have already been having treatments for a while, now is a good time to step them up to target any concerns. Try moderate peels, advanced facials or skin needling. These treatments are suitable for pigmentation, redness, sun damage, uneven texture, fine lines and wrinkles. Ask our team to customise a skin program for you!


Did you know that many of our injectable treatments are best used as preventative treatment? Rather than waiting for deep lines to form, we can begin treating expression lines as becoming more noticeable for best results.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections are usually one of the first anti-ageing treatments our clients choose. They help to decrease muscle movement and prevent the formation of static wrinkles. This treatment is highly effective and also completely customisable. We can begin treating your main areas of concern with a smaller amount of product to avoid the ‘frozen’ look many of our clients fear!

We also recommend intensifying your homecare routine. Fortunately, many active ingredients come in strengths, allowing you to step up your regime to avoid your results plateauing. Your 30s may also be a good time to introduce some more restorative products into your regime. As you get older, your oil production decreases, meaning you may experience more dry or dehydrated skin. Oils and lipids will help to keep your skin’s barrier strong, nourished and hydrated.

Continuing with regular facial treatments is also key for promoting collagen and elastin production, ensuring cell turnover is regular and maintaining healthy functioning skin.


During your 40s and 50s, you are likely to see more significant changes in your skin and appearance. At this age, active skincare and regular clinical treatments are essential for maintaining the health and integrity of your skin.

As collagen and elastin production slows, you are likely to notice your skin is looser and less plump. Restoring lost volume using Dermal Filler can help to maintain your features and keep your skin firm and youthful. Common treatment areas include the mid-face, cheeks, jaw and lips as these are the main areas that give your face shape and structure.

PDO Threads can also be used for clients who prefer a more natural rejuvenation. Unlike filler which adds volume, Threads help to firm and thicken the skin. Once inserted into the skin, they encourage collagen synthesis, allowing your skin to rebuild itself naturally.

It’s important to note that the quality of your skin will affect the results and longevity of your injectable treatments. This is why we encourage all clients to have regular treatments and use prescribed skin care at home to maximise results.


In your 60s, you can follow a similar approach of increasing active ingredient strength, choosing advanced facial treatments and utilising injectables.

At Lux Aesthetics, we take a careful approach to restoration. We don’t necessarily want to make you look younger, rather we want you to look great for your age. This ensures the most natural-looking results and ensures you simply feel like the best version of yourself!


If you’re interested in looking after your skin now and into the future, book a consultation with our team of skin therapists and cosmetic nurses and let us create a personalised treatment plan for your needs.

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