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Our top tips for a bright, youthful eye area

The delicate skin around our eyes is often the first area to show signs of ageing. From fine lines and wrinkles to dark circles and puffiness, it's essential to take care of the eye area with both skincare and injectables.

Today, we'll go over some tips and tricks on how to care for your eye area to maintain a youthful, bright-eyed appearance.

Skincare Tips for the Eye Area

The skin around our eyes is approximately 40% thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of our face. Therefore, it's essential to use gentle skincare products that won't cause irritation. Here are some tips on how to care for your eye area with skincare:

  1. Use a gentle eye makeup remover: The eye area is sensitive, so it's crucial to use a gentle, non-irritating eye makeup remover to avoid causing damage to the skin. Look for makeup removers that are specifically designed for use around the eyes and don't contain harsh chemicals. We recommend the Aspect Dr Mild Clean.

  2. Apply eye cream: Eye cream is an essential part of any skincare routine as it helps hydrate and nourish the delicate skin around the eyes. Look for eye creams that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, and vitamin C, which can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Aspect Eyelift contains a peptide complex to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness - it’s basically sleep in a bottle!

  3. Wear sunscreen: Sun damage is one of the leading causes of premature ageing, so it's essential to wear sunscreen daily, even on cloudy days. Look for a mineral sunscreen that won't irritate the eyes and has an SPF of 50 or higher. Shop our Aspect range here:

Injectables Treatments for the Eye Area

While skincare can do wonders for the eye area, sometimes, it's not enough to achieve the desired results. Injectable treatments can provide a more significant and longer-lasting effect. Here are some of our most popular injectable treatments for the eye area:

  • Anti-Wrinkle: Anti-Wrinkle injections are a neurotoxin that relaxes the muscles that cause crow's feet and other wrinkles around the eyes. The treatment takes only a few minutes and can last up to three months.

  • Dermal Fillers: Dermal fillers can be used to fill in hollows under the eyes or plump up the tear trough area. The treatment is relatively painless and can last up to two years.

  • PDO Threads: PDO threads are a non-surgical treatment that can lift and tighten the skin around the eyes. The threads are inserted into the subdermal layer of the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin. This is great for firming and lifting the eye area as well as supporting the mid-face to reduce sagging. The results can last up to 12 months.

Caring for the delicate skin around the eyes requires a combination of skincare and injectable treatments. Using a gentle eye makeup remover, applying eye cream, and wearing sunscreen can help maintain the skin's health and prevent premature ageing. Injectable treatments like anti-wrinkle, dermal fillers, and PDO Threads can provide more significant and longer-lasting results.

If you're considering injectable treatments for the eye area, it's essential to choose an experienced and reputable clinic that can help you achieve your desired results. With the right combination of skincare and injectables, you can maintain a youthful, bright-eyed appearance for years to come.

Book a consultation with our team to discuss your treatment plan!

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